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An Inspirational Poem


The Current Life Situation

 Oh, what a time to be alive!

Covid-19 is here so we have to stay inside.

When my homework’s done, the boredom kicks in,

so I got Play station live to play with my friends and my cousins Shea and Finn.

The Killeavy football coach set a task for us, and it has definitely created a fuss.

Keepie uppies we must do, with me in the lead on 282!

 It’s like an auction, I really want to win!

The prize of 100 bags of Crilly’s sweets is sure to make my head spin.

 Every morning from Monday to Friday I do Joe Wicks.

The sweat pours off me from all of the punches and kicks.

 Camlough mountain, Slieve Gullion we have been,

spending lovely family time together in our countryside with amazing views to be seen.

 No Confirmation, No Communion or even mass,

I went up to St. Moninna’s well to say a prayer for my class.

 A bottle of Holy water I did fill

And  later delivered it to the steps of the elderly as an act of good will.

 People sick and dying far and near, on the news coronavirus is all we hear.

The world is at battle and times are rough,

We raise our hand to praise the front line workers who are finding it really tough.

I miss my routine and my classmates at school especially Mrs McKevitt who under it all is really really cool.

Until we meet again, stay safe and sanitize.

A covid-19 free world will be for us a big big prize.

 By Paul        P7  

St. Moninna’s PS Cloughoge

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Rainbow Sm

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