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Welcome packs for ethnic minorities

The diversity within Catholic Maintained schools has been highlighted with the launch of a new 'Welcome Pack' for ethnic minorities from the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS). 

A shared future

In March 2005, the then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland presented the Government's Policy and Strategic Framework for Good Relations in Northern Ireland.

This "Shared Future" document set out;

"to establish over time, a shared society defined by a culture of tolerance: a normal, civic society, in which all individuals are considered as equals, where differences are resolved through dialogue in the public sphere and where all individuals are treated impartially. A society where there is equity, respect for diversity and recognition of our interdependence." (A Shared Future. March 2005)

A Shared Future with and through Catholic Schools

Respect for diversity and recognition of our interdependence is not new to Catholic schools. The Catholic Bishops of Northern Ireland in "Building Peace Shaping the Future" November 2001, clearly articulated the position which already existed in Catholic schools prior to the publication of "A Shared Future" and the vision that continues to pertain within Catholic Education.

The Council continues to promote the philosophy and vision articulated in "Building Peace Shaping the Future" and is committed to ensuring that through a process of managing through influence, there is a healthy respect for diversity throughout the Catholic maintained school system.

Further information on diversity matters can be obtained from:

Malachy Crudden
Senior Education Adviser
160 High St
BT18 9HT

Tel: 028 90 426972