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Teachers and CCMS Personnel Section

There are four main sections listed below:

  1. Current teachining jobs in Catholic Maintained schools and how to contact CCMS if you have a problem with your job application.
  2. Frequently asked questions about teaching in Catholic Maintained schools.
  3. Information about the CCMS Personnel Section.
  4. Schemes for teachers.


What jobs are available?

To access all current teaching and non-teaching vacancies CLICK HERE.

To access substitute teaching then you need to register by CLICKING HERE.

What do I do if I have an enquiry, complaint or a problem with the online recruitment?

If you have a questions, comments or complaint or indeed are having problems applying online please complete the attached interactive form and submit it to CCMS using the submint email button on the form.


Frequently asked questions about teaching in Catholic Maintained schools?

The personnel section receives daily requests and enquiries from teachers on issues as diverse as religious certificates to redundancy.

Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below:



CCMS Personnel Section

Where is it based?

The Personnel Section for teachers in Catholic Maintained schools is based in Holywood. The Head of the Personnel Section is Ms Angela Armstrong.

What is the function of the Personnel Section?

The function of the Personnel Section is to support the Diocesan Education Offices for CCMS in relation to the employment of teachers.

What are the main responsibilities of the Personnel Section?

The Personnel Section has the following responsibilities in relation to the appointment of teachers:

  • Ratification of appointments
  • Vetting procedures for both teachers and volunteers
  • Issuing Terms and Conditions of Employment and variations to contracts
  • Attendance Management (providing advice, guidance and refferals)
  • Administration of Professional Headship Qualification
  • Provision of advice on personnel policies and procedures to Boards of Governors and principals
  • Provision of information on the Certificate in Religious Education



Schemes for teachers

Employers for Childcare Vouchers

The Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) in conjunction with Employers For Childcare Vouchers Ltd has introduced a scheme whereby you can sacrifice (give up) part of your salary in return for childcare vouchers.

Employers For Childcare Vouchers allow working parents, both mums and dads to make big savings on registered childcare costs.

Childcare Vouchers are now available to teachers and non-teaching staff within BELB and CCMS.

For more information please click here

To access all the relevant forms please click here

Summer 2010 Update: Employers for Children would like to inform all teaching and non teaching staff that they can remain in the scheme over the Summer months and bank the vouchers instead of opting out of the scheme and opting back in in September.

For further details please click here

To provide both you and your employees with easier access to information on childcare vouchers,we have recently updated our FAQ section on our website.

Employer FAQs

Employee FAQs

This service supplements our Freehone Childcare Advice and Information helpline 0800 028 3008 and our free Employee Guides.