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Launch of Area Plans for Post-Primary Education

Thursday, July 5, 2012

CCMS welcomes the publication by each Education and Library Board of their draft area plans for consultation on the future provision of post-primary education in each Board area.

This is a further step in a process of moving to a network of high quality schools, accessible to all pupils, whose enrolments are sufficient both to make the school viable and sustainable in the longer term and to allow it to deliver the statutory curriculum at Key stage 3 and the Entitlement Framework at KS4 and post-16.
The plans are subject to public consultation until October 26th. On-line response facilities will be available from September. Throughout the consultation period consultees are asked to give consideration to the extent to which the plans:

- show a clear way forward for post-primary education provision in Board areas;

- will lead to a network of sustainable schools which can -

  • meet the needs of all pupils in the longer term;
  • deliver the statutory curriculum, particularly the Entitlement Framework;
  • reduce the number of surplus places;
  • reduce the need for pupils to travel;

- provide scope for shared education and/or facilities or other resources; and

- have considered all possible options to meet the terms of reference.

All proposed plans for post-primary schools in the Catholic-managed sector are presented on the basis of being taken forward in the context of the policy of the Northern Ireland Commission for Catholic Education, and the Northern Bishops' statement of the 21st June on the transfer of children to post-primary schools by non-academic means.

CCMS would encourage everyone to respond to the consultation through the process and mechanisms established by each of the Education and Library Boards.

The Boards consultation documents can be accessed via the following links: