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Executive Summary of Agreement 08.04.20


  1. The Teachers’ Negotiating Committee (TNC), comprised of the Department, employing authorities, sectoral bodies and teaching unions, has reached an agreement on a resolution of the current industrial dispute.
  1. The parties agree to a series of measures to address teacher concerns about workload and accountability and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the education system. The agreement addresses three key areas:
  • Teachers’ Pay
  • Measures to be progressed urgently
  • Reviews in nine key areas

 Teachers’ Pay

  1. In addition to incremental progression within salary scales, which for teachers, is payable by contractual entitlement, teacher salary scale points will be revised as follows:

With effect from 1 September 2017:

  • a 2.25% cost of living pay award will be paid to all teachers; and
  • teaching allowances will be increased by 2.25%.

With effect from 1 September 2018:

  • a further 2% cost of living pay award will be paid to all teachers; and
  • teaching allowances will be increased by 2%.

Measures to be Progressed Urgently

  1. TNC has agreed that a number of measures in respect of workload, industrial relations, inspection and health and wellbeing will be implemented from the date of ratification of the agreement.

Reviews in Nine Key Areas

  1. Nine key areas were identified for review during negotiations:
  • Review of Employment Model for Teachers
  • Review of the Use of Temporary and Substitute Teachers
  • Review of Workload Agreement
  • Review of Workload Impact on School Leaders
  • Review of Workload Associated with Special Educational Needs (SEN) Provision
  • Review of Accountability Framework
  • Review of Consultation Arrangements – Management and Teaching Unions
  • Review of Statutory Assessment at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Review of Initiatives to Promote and Support Teacher Health and Wellbeing.
  1. A dedicated Working Group will be established to take forward the reviews with the first six beginning as soon as possible and running concurrently. The membership of the Working Group will be seconded from their normal employment. Work will begin on all nine review areas as soon as possible to an agreed schedule.
  1. The arrangements will not take effect until formal ratification of the agreement by the trade unions. At the date the agreement is formally ratified by both parties, all industrial action will cease. There will be a carefully managed and supported transition towards revised working practices in schools with an agreed implementation plan.

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