Performance Review and Staff Development (PRSD)

Performance Review and Staff Development (PRSD)

The Northern Ireland scheme for Performance Review and Staff Development (PRSD) was introduced into all schools in September 2005.

The PRSD Scheme and Guidelines provide both a framework and a set of procedures for performance review and staff development in schools, setting out the reasons for its introduction, its expected outcomes, the key components of the process and the main roles and responsibilities of all those to whom it applies. The Scheme and Guidelines are reviewed every two years by a joint working group comprising representatives from the Employing Authorities and Teacher Unions.

PRSD for Catholic Maintained schools is seen as being directly linked to school development planning, underpinned by continuing professional development for teachers and principals and to enabling both the achievements of young people and their overall experience of education to be as rewarding and successful as possible.

It enables schools to bring greater coherence, purpose and rigour to school development planning, continuous professional development and overall school improvement and, by doing so, help them to be better equipped to respond successfully and with confidence to the challenges they face.

Teachers are a school's greatest resource and what a school achieves is the result of the quality of the work its teachers do. PRSD enables teachers to be – and go on being – as highly skilled in and as well informed about, learning and teaching as possible. PRSD is the recognised tool for reviewing performance and identifying training and development needs as part of a teacher's Continuous Professional Development (CPD). CPD is essential for everyone responsible for enabling pupils to learn more effectively and be better prepared to lead rewarding and fulfilling adult lives.

PRSD promotes and sustains the personal and professional growth of teachers and, by doing so, makes a positive difference to schools and what they and their pupils do and achieve.

Essentially, the Scheme gives governors, school leaders and teachers a framework within which to work. It sets out some of the principles that should inform the approach to be taken. The responsibility for implementing the Scheme belongs to the Board of Governors supported by CCMS and other Employing Authorities, Regional Training Unit and External Advisors (in the case of Principals' reviews).

The Annual Review Cycle

The PRSD scheme has 3 stages in its annual cycle:

The aims of the PRSD Scheme are to:

These are then underpinned by the following principles:

Roles & Responsibilities

Brendan Hardy, Senior Human Resources Adviser, is responsible for PRSD in all Catholic Maintained schools. He is based at CCMS Headquarters in Lisburn and can be contacted as follows:

Brendan Hardy
Senior Human Resources Adviser

Linen Hill House

Linenhall Street


BT28 1FJ

Telephone:  028 9201 3014