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Many schools in the Derry ,Eglinton and Limavady areas are giving extra tutoring to pupils who wish to sit the aptitude test in spite of being advised not to by yourselves, the WELB and the Department of Education. These children will have a distinct advantage over my child whose school has decided to follow your guidance. I feel this is a case of gross inequality.

Moira Sweeney

As a very concerned parent of a current P6 child I feel that the test being used for children wishing to enter a catholic Grammar School is alot more difficult than the test being used for a Protestant School. I am extremely worried at the content in the GL Assessment exam as it is not reflected in what the children are being taught. The content is Level 6 and 7 standard which is very unfair. I know alot of parents are extremely worried as this is the first year that there seems to be a clear divide in the two religions and the type of test used. I dont think that CCMS have looked at the actual content in these papers as some of the questions are definately GCSE standard.

Linda O'Hare

The department of education has said that schools must not use their resources to prepare children for the transfer tests child is at a school that follows this guildeline whilst other schools are preparing pupils during school time and in after school study clubs.. i therefore feel my child will be at a great disadvantage going into the tests.

majella lynch

As a parent of a child sitting the transfer test in newry whose primary school has refused to teach any extra other than the new curricullum to the detriment of the childrens chances of gaining a place at one of the local primary schools. This is wholly unfair and discriminates against the children. All the other local primary schools are outwardly agreeing to their legally obligated position but are secretly ( common knowledge around the area ) preparing their children for the transfer test which leaves the children at a distinct disadvantage. If we wish our children to go to a grammar school this year then the only way is to sit these exams. How do i tell my child that they would not be able to sit the exam because their school has not prepared them at all. Its a disgrace how some of your members are ignoring the views of the parents, we applaud your members that are doing what their vocations instils in them 'to put the education of the children they teach at the forefront and not let them become the political fodder that some have let them become.

T S Rooney

My relationship with my daughter's Primary school is at breaking point as I watch her peers in other Primary Schools receive support and teaching for the tests while she is bogged down with "projects". I could not in conscience recommend this school to other parents. They have lost sight of the child in their adherence to political dogma. Deni states children are unlikely to enter Grammar without sitting the tests. CCMS should direct all schools to ignore the Minister's directive and insist they will support them in this. They have the rest of the year for Projects.

M . Martin

Can anyone me how the current transfer system espouses christian values? Surely, as christians, we believe that we are all equal and should have equal chances in life. I am willing to be persuaded otherwise, if someone can make this argument from a christian point of view, and not merely from self interest.

P O'Neill

Christian, or otherwise, a child's intelligence isn't always equal to their peers. As a parent I'd rather make this argument from one of self interest ((my son), and my heartfelt desire to do everything I can to help him)) than one of questionable Christian faith. "Can anyone me how the current transfer system espouses Christian values?" It doesn't. Maybe you've not noticed yet but we no longer live in a Christian country . .? Maybe your question should be : how do we survive as Christians in the modern system? Religion aside - I salute those parents who try to inspire a sense of common decency and moral framework in their child's upbringing - sometimes I have to question the fervour with which many parents cling to the notion that is the sole duty of an educational institution to provide a basic understanding of grammar, mathematics, and god forbid a more basic humanity toward their fellow man. Reading many of the posts in this forum merely confirms this belief. I find it hard to sympathise with parents who complain of an unfair advantage because of which school they choose to send their child like it or not the ultimate responsibility for educating you child lies with you, the adult. It takes minutes for the average adult to absorb

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the transfer test is a joke and now that good schools are closing etc st peters because of this test it is time to take drastic action and stop this it has now been in place 3 years and still nothing has been done take away these schools funding or give them big fines as was promised to save non grammar schools

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