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best article i have read for whilehow can those of us in the primary sector help to address some of these issues eg promoting the world of work and vocational opportunitiescan do so much of this but hampered with the selection at 11 and preoccupation in ensuring progress in maths and english need to get the balance and legitimise time spent on creative/enterprising activities to motivate children and encourage their thinking about the business/vocational worldthe tensions between the revised curriculum and the testing arrangements will ensure we will be caught between two stools and and faced with competing pedagogical ideologies it will take strong leadership to respond to the issues you have so outlined abovewell done

Terry L averty

Congratulations on this very intelligently written article. It provides lots of food for thought!

M Monaghan

An insightful and thought-provoking piece which harkens back to an age when education was seen for what it is: the means by which we can all grow as a positive and just society that gives to each person an empowerment to use his/her talents to ensure a good life for them and a more prosperous and just community. Let's hope that those who have power will have the vision to do something along these lines!

A. Keeley

A great thought provoking article outlining clear strategies which need to be implemented to advance our existing educational system. As teachers however, we need to keep the primary focus on the learner, which may mean foresaking our own ideologies to benefit them at their current stage of learning.

Rebekah Black