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Accessibility Statement

This website was developed to meet the level AAA standards of the Web Accessibilty Initiative (WAI) Guidelines.
In addition to meeting the implementation requirements of these standards the site seeks to facilitate ease of use for all website visitors.

There are a number of features used throughout the site to facilitate ease of navigation.

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The "Skip to content" link at the beginning of the page moves the focus to the start of the main content.

Logical Headings

Each page of the CCMS website has Headings which provide a logical navigation through the content. These Headings are:
H1: Website Title
H2: Main Navigation
H2: Page Contents
H3: Sub Headings

These headings allow for navigation with assistive technologies, such as using the letter H with a screen reader.

Access Keys

To use the access keys, press the 'Alt' ("Ctrl" on mac) key and any of the keys listed simultaneously, then press 'Enter' (on a mac, you will be redirected automatically without having to press 'Enter').

Access Keys are not case sensitive, so both ALT-A and ALT-a are equally valid keys for "About Us".

* S: Skip Navigation
* 1: Home
* 2: News
* 3: Site Map
* 4: Publications
* 8: Disclaimer
* 9: Contact Us
* 0: Accessibility Options

Other useful Access Keys

* A: About Us
* D: Diversity
* E: Equality
* H: Health & Safety
* I: Current Issues
* L: Links
* R: Recruitment
* T: Teachers
* W: Welfare

About the CCMS logo at the top of the page

The CCMS logo image consists of the letters "CCMS" in large bold green font. Above the letter M in "CCMS" is an archway of spikes. Council for Catholic Maintained Schools is written directly underneath the letters "CCMS" in a smaller bold green font which is underlined by a bold dark grey line. Directly underneath this is written Leading Through Influence in the same small green font.

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines

If you feel that this website does not meet the level AAA standards of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines please contact us and we will endeavour to address any issue.